Build The Business Of Your Dreams – And Go Anywhere

From the outside, things could not look more perfect. You have a great husband, terrific kids, a fantastic house and go on amazing holidays. Why is it, then, that inside you’re screaming?

Build The Business Of Your Dreams - And Go Anywhere

Who are you? Chances are you’re a bright, educated woman, probably with two or three children, who gave up her own career to follow her husband. But now, you’re about ready to walk. You’re not alone: Studies have shown that a high percentage of marriages that fail do so because the wife is unhappy about sacrificing her own career or the life she had envisioned for herself.

There’s a new trend leading women are taking to enjoy happier lives. Lets look at this new movement towards creating something for yourself; and becoming a successful business women. Just for a moment let go, don’t worry about – your kids, your husband, your schedule – and just let yourself dream.

What does your business dream look like?
What does your business dream look like?
Would you provide a product or a service ?
Would you like to have your own website?
Would you like your own logo and slogan?
Would you like to see your name on that business card?

Imagine life with your own website and business card and you are ready to start working.
Networking with others would be easier.
You would feel legitamate in and of yourself.
Life would be completely different.
Here are some questions to help you find answers.
Remember that a business built on passion, rather than a desire just to make money, has a much better chance of succeeding.

– What are you passionate about? Do you have a dream?
– What are your strengths? Are you an organiser? Are you practical?
– Are you artistic?
– Do you need to retrain or even study something new to achieve your dream?
– Do you want to produce a product, or will you offer a service, or both?
– Are there people you can turn to for support and encouragement.
– How much time do you have to spend on your business?

What is one thing you can do today to set your dreams in motion?


These days, getting your business online is definitely a great way to go.
Online courses Correspondence courses are nothing like they used to be; now you join an online virtual college. Here you can:

– participate in a class environment on the phone with students from every corner of the globe.
– post your homework on a discussion board for immediate response from teachers and peers.
– contact teachers (or facilitators, as they tend to be called these days) directly by email.
– get support and make new friends with similar interests all over the world
– have several possibilities of teacher/facilitator, dates and times
– Classes run circularly, so if you miss a class for any reason you can pick it up the next time around or simply join another class running at a different time that week.

Go to google. Type in the words “online”…. (Your interest)… “college.” The results are amazing.

For example have you ever considered working as a personal assistant?

Have you considered working as a virtual assistant? This is becoming more and more common, especially among people who travel for their work, have small businesses and only need someone part time, or who also work from home. You could be working for one or more people in completely different parts of the world. Now there’s an exciting prospect!

Become an entrepreneur

The choice is as vast as your imagination. Just think; in approximately four months you could be selling something you produced on the internet.

Take your time

You may spend some time researching ideas before you come up with something that really appeals to you. However, if you brainstorm with friends or your coach; or on the internet; or do some reading on the subject, the right opportunity for you will become clear.

If you can afford to, it would be much better to spend six months seriously researching your possibilities than to take a job just to fill in time. That option can often leave you feeling more disillusioned than ever.

Your family

Remember, initially your family and friends may be anxious and even discouraging. They love the wife/mother/friend they have now. They may not understand why you want to change. It is possible they may even have a vested interest in keeping

you the way you are. But I promise that, if they really love you, you will gain their support and respect, perhaps even more than you already have now.

The reward

I wish you could hear my son proudly telling his friends about the job his mummy does. Your heart would melt. It’s your time now, each and every one of you.
So, what’s one thing you could do today to set your dreams in motion?

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