How to Become a Virtual Receptionist

To begin, you need to familiarize yourself with the virtual answering service industry. Many live receptionist service companies serve a variety of different types of businesses, so a general understanding of how major industries work would come in handy.

To land a live receptionist service job, start by putting together a resume focused on any customer-service oriented positions you have had. A large portion of office answering services jobs focuses squarely on meeting the needs of the customers on the other end of the line. Potential employers will want to see how you interact with clients over the phone and what kind of problem-solving and message-taking skills you possess for your answering message service position.

Next, when you are interviewing for an answering message service job, be as specific as possible in terms of how you will handle potential calls. While much of the time, you will simply be taking messages for the live telephone answering service, there are times where answering message service customers will give you problems and you may have to put your conflict resolution skills to the test. Potential live receptionist service employers will want to know during the interviewing process how you would handle such situations.

Once you land a job with an office answering service, you are supposed to adhere to the policies of the answering services company. There are several types of clients requiring varying levels of services and information, that is, virtual answering services are customizable. On one part, companies request only basic information like names, dates, phone numbers and addresses. While, on the other hand, more detail-oriented clients have specific needs that need to be addressed while answering calls on their behalf. These requests are put under forms that provide the virtual assistant with a group of instructions that are required to be followed while attending a call. In some instances, you will be required to change the line of seeking information according to the responses to the caller, and this is where the true skills of a desirable virtual assistant help him or she accomplishes the tasks and obtains information in a pleasant manner without distracting the caller.

The information provided in your message needs to be accurate, concise and most importantly — correct. This is a huge tenant of a virtual answering service operator as people are making their callback decisions based on your notes.

Being a virtual receptionist is not a low-stress profession, as one would like to think, and it requires you to be pleasant all day long, under severe circumstances. Remember, no two personalities are alike, and the major problem with the virtual receptionist industry is that we receive all types of calls from callers with varying level of excitement and hypertension levels. For instance, a doctor’s answering service is supposed to attend calls of intense negative energy levels, possibly from relatives of patients who are experiencing life and death situations. They wouldn’t sound sweet and sober, and as a virtual assistant, you are required to mop up all the relevant information in them as little time frame as possible, without being too touchy or rude. However, this can easily be mastered with the right training, patience, and desire to learn.

The live receptionist service industry is peppered with people from all lifestyles and offers a number of advancement and educational opportunities for those that are looking to turn a virtual receptionist job into a full-fledged career.


Benefits a Virtual Assistant Can Bring To Business By Performing a Variety of Tasks..

The concept of virtual assistant finds its roots in the phenomena of outsourcing. It is a concept that is experiencing ever-increasing heights. Virtual assistance is popular among small to medium scale business owners and entrepreneurs, who in the midst of workload require a helping hand which can share their burden and helps achieve greater productivity.

A virtual personal assistant comes with numerous benefits and advantages. It all depends upon how the employer wishes to utilize the assistant. A Virtual Assistant is a dedicated employee who performs all the functions assigned by the employer. Therefore, it’s the responsibility of the employer to find the right virtual personal assistant for the right job or jobs. The lines below give a few advantages a virtual assistant can bring to a small business owner by performing a variety of tasks.

There is no debating the point that entrepreneurs are ambitious people, and they work very hard to establish and achieve their goals. However, it is also a fact that every person requires some time off, especially when it is regarding the holiday season. In such situations, a virtual assistant is a person an entrepreneur requires. The virtual personal assistant would be working for the business owner in some distant part of the world, where the holiday seasons are different. Therefore, when the holiday season comes, the virtual assistant can take care of emails, mail, phone calls, and all other stuff which needs to be managed in the absence of the owner. Thus an employer can enjoy some leisure time, without compromising on the work.

A virtual assistant is a person working dedicatedly for the employer; therefore, a virtual personal assistant will always be available for the employer. Whenever, there is a need to perform any sudden activity, like replying to a client’s unusual email, or booking for airline tickets, a virtual personal assistant available would do it immediately. Hence, an employer needs not to worry about activities that arise out of the blue.

Administrative tasks are another specialty of a virtual assistant. Most of the employers higher a virtual personal assistant to handle and manage their administrative tasks. Virtual assistants have a degree in their relevant field and a majority of the master in the skill of managing administrative tasks. Therefore, if an employer is traveling and needs a person to manage tasks like the mail dispatch, responding to the calls of customers and clients, setting appointments with prospects, managing calendar entries all can be performed by a virtual personal assistant. Therefore, the employer needs not to worry about trivial administrative tasks and could focus his or her attention on matters of strategic importance.

A virtual assistant can also prove to be a source of great help for an entrepreneur in business development and expansion. A virtual personal assistant can help you in doing research, developing brochures, content development, internet marketing, and all other business promotional tasks which a singular person can perform.

In short, having a virtual personal assistant can bring a variety of benefits and advantages to small and medium business owners. The variety and diversity of tasks which a virtual personal assistant can perform are what an employer looks for. Moreover, what is better than having an employee that performs multiple tasks, and not just a resource for performing one task only.

11 Ways To Handle Stress

One of the most significant problems human beings face as a general population is how to handle stress. As a life & career expert, and an acclaimed advice columnist, I have compiled eleven of the most significant ways that you can reduce stress in your life. You may not always be able to make stress disappear, but you can manage it with some very simple techniques.

  1. Talk! Don’t hold all your feelings within! Discuss your stressful feelings with someone you trust who will listen without being judgmental or pressuring you to their own point of view. Even if you can’t change the immediate situation, talking about it helps alleviate some of the tension you may be feeling. Supplement the verbalizing with something physical: write it out, exercise or hit a pillow.
  2. ACT! Be willing to take risk and make change, no matter how small. Try to change the stressful situation, or at least some part of it. Moving forward in small ways helps you feel empowered and in control. Put one foot in front of the other to move in a positive direction. Soon, the stress will lessen.
  3. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! If you learn about how your body reacts to stress, you can also learn how to counter that stress. Learn to listen to your body’s signals and find ways to reduce your stress, even if it’s just “taking five” to clear your mind. Relaxation exercises (E.g. Yoga, meditation, physical exercise) help, too.
  4. BE IN CHARGE! Discover what you need to feel good about yourself and get your needs met. Another way to reduce your stress is to find an interest, hobby or activity where you feel in charge and call the shots. If you really feel out of control, don’t stay silent and alone! Seek guidance from someone who is qualified to help you get through the obstacles, and move forward again. If you can’t find someone qualified in your neighborhood or you don’t feel as though you can talk to someone “in person” try a qualified internet counselor. If you would like to talk to ME (Advice Sister Alison) you can find information at
  5. DON’T OVERWHELM YOURSELF: If you are stressed and overwhelmed, perhaps you are trying to handle too much. Rid yourself of extra duties that aren’t necessary or important. Learn how to delegate and how to say “no” without feeling guilty. Ask for help if you need it.
  6. GET AWAY: Sometimes a change, however small, can do wonders for your spirit. Forget it all for a while–escape! Go somewhere new for a few hours, or a few days if you can afford to. If not, it may be helpful just to “get away” to a warm bath for a little while! A good article on how to create an easy spa experience at home is at:
  7. PRIORITIZE: You may not be able to avoid all the responsibilities obligations you currently have, but you can learn how to complete them without resentment and consciously choose how you will handle them.
  8. EXTEND YOURSELF: Make your own life better by making someone else’s life better. Give of yourself. Volunteer! You will feel empowered, positive, important…and you will be! Visit and choose an organization you believe in!
  9. MAKE SUCCESS HAPPEN! If you can’t change the world, change yourself! Learn how to love yourself as you are, while you work towards your goals. Then, make a commitment to yourself to start improving the things about yourself and your life that (you believe) need it. Instead of immediate, dramatic change, learn to enjoy the journey of lifelong self-improvement. You are always a work in progress. For life & career advice, visit ASK ALISON – Managing Your Life & Career at: for love and relationship advice, visit THE ADVICE SISTERS Relationship Tools For Winners Web Site
  10. SOCIALIZE: Spend time with family and friends for love and support. Don’t be afraid to enjoy yourself! Appreciate friendship and let others know you care about them, too. Love may not conquer all, but it’s a great start!
  11. LEARN HOW TO BE HAPPY: One thing all of life’s winners have in common is a sense of well-being, a positive attitude and realistic goals. Focus on the good things about yourself, and in your life. Nobody’s perfect. Learn to enjoy the “little things” that make you happy. Count your blessings. Every day, write down on a slip of paper one thing you are grateful for, even if it’s just a sunny day, a friend’s phone call, your cat’s happy purr. Put this “blessing” in a jar along with a dollar or more. Do this for one month. At the end of the month read all those slips of paper and you will realize that life is better than you think! Use the money to do something really special for yourself, or donate it to charity.


8 Characteristics Of Great Business Owner.

One of my favorite authors and speaker of all time is Charles Swindoll. I think that his written work inspired me in many ways because of the simple way he uses the best qualities in human beings to make his stories come to life. He also reminds me of my uncle who was an integral part of the forming of my best characteristics. My uncle often uses simple illustrations to make complicated issues less intense and he always had a way of making things easier to understand.  To have this influence on others is powerful and to have someone like that on your side is a tremendous asset. My uncle embodies certain characteristics that makes him a man among men and a smart business man as well.

I have often used my mentors as a measuring stick for the type of people I want not only in my life but in my businesses as well.  It’s one thing to stumble upon these types of people but it’s another thing to be intentional about seeking them out. This is Charles R. Swindoll’s list of people who make a difference in life. These are also the characteristics of the types of people you want to intentionally surround yourself with in your business as well.

People who make a difference in life have . . .

Initiative – being a self-starter with contagious energy

Vision – seeing beyond the obvious, claiming new objectives

Unselfishness – releasing the controls and the glory

Teamwork – involving, encouraging, and supporting others

Faithfulness – hanging in there in season and out

Enthusiasm – providing affirmation, excitement to the task

Discipline – modeling great character regardless of the odds

Confidence – representing security, faith, and determination

Now if you are reading this and thinking that it sounds a lot like yourself, then there are people seeking you out right now and you have a definite map to finding the key people to put into place in order to grow your own network of people or to add to your business. The key is to be intentional about finding these types of people; plugging them into the places in your life they are needed and of course reciprocating.

Making it a priority to only choose to extend your invitation to those that will enhance your life or business is a very smart decision and at the same time having the wisdom to let go of those people in your life that no longer want to grow with you is going to free up space for these new intentional relationships. This is not saying when you are done being friends with someone just drop them, the point is to have growth and if there is no growth it’s time to let go.

5 Advantages of Virtual Assistant Services

The services of virtual assistants are in high demand these days. All types of businesses, be it online or traditional, find great value and profits through the use of virtual professionals. Virtual assistant services give you an opportunity to increase manpower without any extra expenses of full time employees, no taxes and other benefits. At the same time, they will give you equal loyalty as your salaried full time office employee. Easily and timely availability and cost effective nature of these assistants add further to their value.

Virtual assistants can work with you as a long term partner, for a short term project, or it can be an answer to any staffing solution. These professionals are highly skilled and motivated individuals and availing their services gives you an opportunity to use such amazing talent for your business. A virtual assistant is a lifeline for your business reviving your growth potential.

What qualities of virtual administrative assistants can benefit you-
1. Excellence- These qualified professionals always strive for excellence. They are experienced and knowledgeable in their respective fields. You can outsource your bookkeeping, web design, scheduling, maintaining calendars, payroll management and other sorts of administrative tasks to a virtual employee.

2. Productivity- High productivity is ensured with such employees. Your traditional employees may waste their time talking on the phone, socializing with other employees, taking multiple breaks, or surfing the internet. While a virtual professional work solely and delicately for you to meet your goals and specific needs.

3. Business growth- Understanding your needs and requirements, an administrative assistant always strives to design a successful business portfolio. These individuals have vested interest in generating profits and productivity for the company as well as for themselves.

4. Reduce overhead cost- Your company does not have to invest in setting any office, getting software and computers, telephone lines, internet, business machines etc. Additionally, vacation pays, paid holidays, sick leaves etc. are not made for virtual professionals.

5. No restriction of time- Virtual assistant services are available in varied fields like design, administration, development, maintenance and other services which can be tailored according to your needs. The professionals can work for you in flexible hours.

Some people have a misconception that hiring and managing virtual professionals becomes a daunting task but for them I would say that it & that’s its not you who will manage them but those professionals are expert enough to manage each and every daunting task of your business saving you time and money. So, just come out of it and also inform other business individuals whom you know.

The possibility of partnering with administrative assistants open wide horizons of opportunity to think out of the box. You will get a never ending success by meeting your goals and aims on time.

Time Management Tip – Do You Lead by Crisis Management?

Is your management style whether self-management or managing a team the root of your time management issues? Crisis management is a management style that is consistently driven by uncontrolled external issues. This management style reacts to crisis rather than proactively predicting and planning to prevent crisis. The reason you get into a crisis management pattern is that you fail to plan, you set unrealistic time requirements on your self and others, and you’re always looking for a problem to solve. In addition, you enjoy a fast paced environment and like to have lots of things going and enjoy the pressure.

Time Management Tip - Do You Lead by Crisis Management

This time management tip is based on planning. When you have a well developed plan you can avoid most of the crisis that you deal with daily now. Most of your crisis are the result of external factors, so stop and evaluate what external factors can and quite possibly will impact you, and then develop a plan for the potential actions you can take to prevent or eliminate the impact of those factors.

You aren’t the only one who can handle a crisis. Once you know what can happen target key people to handle specific problems. This will help them to grow and develop so they can easily handle these problems on their own. Once they’re able to handle these crisis on their own delegate it to them. Quite often people who work solo will say they don’t have anyone to delegate to.

That’s both a true and untrue statement. It is true that you never want to delegate the really important stuff in your business. It isn’t true that there isn’t anyone to delegate to. You have lots of little administrative tasks that you do everyday that someone else could be doing. That someone else could be a virtual assistant where you buy blocks of time and delegate the administrative tasks to them, it could be part-time help from young people or even retired people, or even help from your family members. There are people you can delegate non-essential non-money making work to. You just have to let go.

Use the knowledge that surrounds you. Ask key people for recommendations for avoiding the daily crisis your managing. These crises are sucking up your productive time and putting you farther and farther behind. There are people: your employees, peers, or experts ready willing and able to provide you with the help you need to make these crises go away. The most successful people make use of the knowledge that surrounds them and you should too.

Are you afraid to pay for the help you need? Are you afraid you can’t afford to pay someone to do your non-essential non-money producing tasks? Are you afraid you can’t afford to pay an expert to help you avoid the crisis you now have? Realize if you’re serious about your business and you want to succeed you can’t afford not to pay these outside people to help you free up the time you need to be productive with your money producing tasks. All these crises are keeping you from making money.

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Internet Business Ideas That You Should Consider

Are you looking for ways to make some additional income from home? Let me give you some internet business ideas that you should consider. You do not need to do these on a full time basis. In fact, doing any of these part time should help supplement your income.

Internet Business Ideas That You Should Consider

I have a few internet business ideas for you, and I would like to start with affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is really easy for beginners because it does not require you to possess a lot of technical knowledge. At the same time, you also do not need to own your own product. As an affiliate marketer, you are basically promoting another vendor’s product, so the need to create your own product is eliminated. This also means you do not need to handle customer support. This is the easiest method that you can opt for and I highly recommend it.

Moving on to other internet business ideas now. You can also choose to render your services online. In this method, you will be the outsourcer or freelancer, and you will pretty much be sought after by other online marketers. This can be a tedious job because it is more hands on and requires somewhat more responsibility compared to affiliate marketing. Also, the amount you get paid depends on how many jobs you complete. In other words, it is highly dependent on time, and you get paid for your time. Well, if you have some exceptional talents then you can give this a try. It is after all a viable method to get some extra income.

Lastly, you could venture into creating your own products. This is a good method in the long run, because that means you have your own virtual real estate on the internet. However, this also means that you need to put hours into creating a product that will not only sell well but one that people will find useful. You may even potentially need to hire your own staff or virtual assistant to help you out. If you have the capital then you can certainly look into this method. However, if you are a complete newbie with no experience whatsoever, then I would not recommend this.

I have given you three internet business ideas to think about. I still strongly recommend the affiliate marketing model because it is simple for beginners. However if you are willing to give the other two methods a go, please feel free to do so.

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Make Money On The Net – 10 Ways That Work

Today, the Internet has become an inseparable part of human life. Almost all activities like communication, business, entertainment, education, and many more can be performed with the help of this new age medium. It is no wonder then that the web is also a place for making money through many different options available for those who have at least some basic knowledge of computer and internet operations.

Make Money On The Net

No matter whether you are looking for a home based part time job or a full time internet
business, the possibilities to make money on the net are endless.

Here are some wonderful options that help you to earn the income you want:-

 Blogging – It is a no-capital venture on the net. It is easy to start and do. Set up a
blog of your own, write posts on topics you like, and monetize your blog using ads.

 Affiliate marketing – If you have a website or blog, you can promote products and services to your niche market as an affiliate for the product or service owner. Your income will come from the commission for each sale through your site or blog.

 Online surveys – There are many companies that require you to provide opinion on their products and fill out surveys for a payment. These are very easy to do. Though the earning potential is not very high, it is wonderful way to make some quick cash.

 Reading emails – You may take up the job of reading and replying to emails that
companies receive in bulk.

 Pay per click – You just need to click or open links and advertisements to get paid. The more number of ads or links you click, the more money you make. It is an easy way to make money on the net.

Virtual assistant  and telemarketing – You may work as the virtual assistant of a person or work as a telemarketing executive for a company.

 Article marketing – If you are a good writer, you may market or sell the articles,
stories, and other web content you write for money.

 Selling photos – You may sell the photos you have taken to those who are willing to buy them.

 Freelance work – You may take up freelance writing, editing, web designing, etc. that you can do from home, and get payment for each page or word you do. Other options to make money on the net include transcription work, translation, localization, etc.

 Online tutoring – If you are an expert in your subject, online tutoring is an excellent way to earn a good income. The payment is really high in most cases.

 Online consultancy and recruitment – You can start a consultancy or recruitment agency. There are many who seek information and job. A lot of employers are looking for the right individuals for the vacant posts in their companies. By working as an online consultant or recruiter, you can provide the knowledge or job people want or candidates companies need.

If you have a Twitter, Facebook, or online games account, you can communicate with your contacts and advertise yourself or your products or services. Such network marketing is an excellent way to make money on the net by finding out the requirements of people and catering to them with the resources you have.

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If you want to grow your business, bring on an assistant

If you want to grow your business, hands-down, you need an assistant. And by “grow,” I really mean “make more money.” Oh, I know what you’re thinking! “I don’t make enough money to hire an assistant yet. That’s just not something that I can do right now.”

grow your business with va

I know you’re thinking this because I thought the same thing too, at first. I resisted working with a Virtual Assistant (VA) for over a year. Then I tried it because I didn’t have any other choice. I was so busy working on client projects and actually seeing clients that I didn’t have time to market my business.

But once I hired a VA, I nearly doubled my revenues. I finally had time to work on getting more clients and taking care of the aspects of the business that actually MAKE me money.

Here’s the deal about Virtual Assistance. You can have someone work for YOU out of their OWN office, on their OWN computer on YOUR stuff, at a drastic fraction of what it would cost you to hire an assistant full time, or even a part-time college student. Here’s why: VA’s are highly experienced professionals who have been executive assistants in corporations and have chosen to go out on their own and work from home (can you blame them?)
They work with several clients at the same time and have an hourly rate. The best part is they only charge you for the actual time worked, keeping track of the time they spend on your work. Which means that, if they only spend 64 minutes working on a project for you, then they pro-rate the hourly rate to just those 64 minutes and that’s all you pay.
Because they are highly experienced and own their own businesses, you can expect a much higher level of quality than you would with a student who generally doesn’t have any experience in the business world. Because of this, VA’s often become PARTNERS in the growth of your business, rather than simply someone you delegate work to.

They care, and it’s in their best interest that you grow your business. The more successful YOU are, the more work you’ll be giving THEM (win-win situation). So, it’s almost like they’re INVESTED in your success…Your Client Attraction Assignment:

Isn’t it time you thought about focusing on what matters most (the money-producing part of your business) and start to delegate the other details to a real professional?

Start writing down the things you want to start delegating and what your business goals are. You can also do a search on for “Virtual Assistant” and you will get leads for different organizations. Once you start collaborating with an eager-to-take-stuff-off-your-desk professional, you’ll start seeing results soon thereafter.

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How Virtual Assistants Can Help Non-Performing Notes Buyers Get Direct Access to Bank Asset Managers

Non-Performing Notes…!! What are they?

Non-Performing notes (NPNs) are accounts of borrowers which have been classified as distressed assets by banks. A perfect example is an overdue mortgage loan that is not producing income because the borrower no longer makes monthly payments. As a result of this, banks through their asset managers sell these notes in bulk to Note Buyers (NBs).

non performing notes

The hard to find Asset Managers

Most banks employ tons of gate-keepers that note buyers have to try really hard to get through to the right asset managers. Also, asset managers are often very busy and at times not available immediately to take calls from note NBs, hence regular follow-up is necessary, which in itself can be a time consuming and painstaking process.

Bad Note Brokers and their daisy chains!

Asset managers sometimes give their NPNs to Note Brokers to market them to note buyers. Well that’s an ideal situation; the reality is that most note brokers claim to have access to NPNs but really don’t and they are usually part of a long line of other note brokers making the same claims. A bad note broker is a real time waster because NBs will spend time dealing with all parties involved in the transaction only to find out at the last minute that the note broker never really had access to any NPNs or a real asset manager in the first place.

The cure! Virtual Assistants = direct access to Asset Managers

Virtual Assistants (VAs) play a vital role in the businesses of note buyers and they have all the time in the day to spend clearing past the bank’s gate-keepers in order to get through to the asset managers responsible for the sale of NPNs in bulk. There are also a lot of tasks that NBs can delegate to VAs; one of such tasks is for a VA to make sure that the NPNs for sale by the banks are still managed by the asset managers and have not been handed off to note brokers. VAs also makes sure that the assets managers are indeed the decision maker before introducing them to NBs.

Researching Property Values and preliminary due diligence; Highest and Best use of a Virtual Assistant

As soon as the NPNs have been forwarded to note buyers by asset managers, they can then scrub out sensitive information on the borrowers and send only the addresses of the properties to the VAs. The VAs can immediately assist the NBs by getting additional information such as the property values. Values are diligently and carefully researched in such a way that only values of comparable properties within a 0.5 mile radius of the property and less than 6 months transaction history is obtained. Hence, NBs are assured that the values obtained are recent and accurate. VAs make use of several real estate websites to extract the most recent data. VAs can also create Google and Bing maps showing all the pertinent information about each property in one click of the mouse as well as the aerial and/or a street level view. By calling the county offices or researching on their websites, the VAs can also help NBs research property taxes, research the Chain of Title and so on. The VAs can also assist NBs in getting “on the ground” support by finding the best Real Estate Agents or Realtors to work with NBs in order to get Broker Priced Opinions (BPOs) and also to list the properties when they become Real Estate Owned (REOs) usually after a foreclosure or a Deed-In-Lieu.

Note Buyer + Virtual Assistant = constant Deal Flow!

Banks are affected by the ongoing financial crisis, as a result, many banks have failed or either filed bankruptcy. This situation presents a profitable opportunity for note buyers who are ready to take charge and play a vital role in turning frozen distressed assets into income for banks, hence creating a win-win situation for all parties involved. By buying in bulk, these assets can be bought at a fairly huge discount. With the help of VAs, NBs will get direct access to the bank’s asset managers responsible for the sale of NPNs in bulk, and also will get the necessary researched information on the value of each property that will allow them to make better buying decisions quickly.

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