Hire Full Time Remote Employee And Outsource Anything You Can Think Of

Outsourcing is often considered to be synonymous with offshore freelancing, but like every other industry, even the outsourcing industry has evolved and grown. Today, while freelancers still control a portion of the outsourcing pie, large chunks of it have been taken over by a completely new breed of workers known as the ‘virtual’ or the ‘remote’ employee.

Outsourcing Hiring Outsource Recruitment Skills Concept

The virtual employee is an invaluable human resource and a vast improvement on the more mercurial freelancer. For one, the remote employee works full-time and in a dedicated manner; and second, the remote employee is your exclusive employee for as long as you wish.

For small and medium sized enterprises, particularly, the remote employee has come as an answer to prayers. Offshore extensions of their already small cash-strapped offices were out of the question and freelancers had proved to be more stressful than beneficial. The virtual employee represented a happy medium and an affordable at that.

The best part is that one can hire a full-time remote employee and outsource just about any office work that can be worked out with a PC and an internet connection.

You can hire a Virtual Employee in just about any office field; from programming, law, accounts and engineering to content writing and transcriptionist, virtual assistants and even customer service agents. The skilled remote employee helps you fill a vacuum that you cannot fill at home.

Virtual Employee.com has access to an abundant talent pool of some of the best brains in every field, thanks to its strategic location in the heart of the National Capital Region (NCR) of India. As a result, the moment, a client’s request is received, it takes only 24-48 hours for the efficient HR team to track down a list of suitable resumes to match that particular job profile.

The fields in which a remote employee can be hired to work full-time and in a dedicated manner for you are several:

• Software programming
• Website design and development
• SEO and content writing
• Data entry and database management
• 2D and 3D Animation
• Engineering and architecture
• Gaming development
• Recruitment services
• Internet marketing
• Server management and administration

The remote employee has much in common with your regularly employed and physically present worker, except that the former is sitting halfway across the globe in an outsourcing vendor’s office.

However, the benefits of hiring a virtual employee are enormous:

1. The full-time employee is a huge improvement on a freelancer, who can devote just a few hours per day to your work since they are juggling multiple clients and their assignments simultaneously.

2. The remote employee is a highly skilled individual in the domain that you desire and effectively fills a yawning gap in your own setup back home.

3. You can easily build an entire virtual team made up of skilled professionals in fields as varied as software programming, content writing, database management and internet marketing. They would all be working exclusively for you, from one office.

So, the bottomline is that as long as you are able to hire a remote employee who works full-time for you, you can outsource just about any office work to them.

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10 Steps To Fantastic Call Answering

virtual call answering

There aren’t many jobs out there where phone answering skills are moot. From service techs to attorneys, phone etiquette sets the tone for your entire business. That’s even more true for receptionists and live answering service employees who provide the first impressions for thousands of small businesses across the nation. If phone answering is part of your job (or if you’re just answering calls while your receptionist is out), try these ten steps to call answering success!

1. Start with a wow-worthy greeting.

If you work at a virtual answering service or are the main phone answerer for your business, you may want to suggest pumping up your greeting these tricks. Start out by saying “Good Morning/Afternoon” or “Thank you for calling” and end with an offer of assistance such as “How may I help you?” And, of course, always say the company name when answering the phone, so your callers are sure to know they’ve got the right place.

2. Ask a question to set the tone of the call.

Instead of leading with the impersonal, “What can I do for you today?” start with some pleasantries to get the call off on the right foot. “How are you?” is a trusty stand-by.

3. Add a personal touch.

If you know a bit more about your caller, instead of asking how they are, try going for something more specific. (“How’s your new house?”) A little warmth and interest lets them know you care!

4. Use expressive phrasing.

Substitute enthusiastic words like “Absolutely!” and “Of course!” for drab affirmatives like “Sure” and “Okay.” If you’re a receptionist or work at a call answering service, you may only have a minute or two to chat, but you can certainly make those seconds count!

5. Say your caller’s name. Often.

The sound of your own name is music to your ears; it’s also a great to play up familiarity. Of course, if you’re a virtual receptionist you may not know every caller by name, but using your callers’ names will make you seem like old friends!

6. Know when to say “may” versus “can.”

“Can” usually denotes ability whereas “may” is often used when asking politely to gather information (“May I have your telephone number?”). Using “may” correctly can make you sound more polished and professional!

7. Check in with your caller.

If you ever need to place your caller on hold, make sure they know you haven’t forgotten about them! A simple, “It’ll just be one more moment, Mary,” will make your caller feel taken care of while you try another line or get an answer to their question.

8. Say the magic words.

You mother wasn’t wrong when she said that “please” and “thank you” can get you far; slip one in at every opportunity and your callers will be sure to appreciate your courtesy!

9. Accentuate the positive.

Saying “no” is no fun, but offering to help is always a good call. Follow every negative with an offer of assistance: “Jim prefers to give out his cell phone number himself, but I would be happy to try his line for you and see if he’s available.”

10. End your calls gracefully.

Sign off with a friendly statement like, “It was wonderful chatting with you!” And if you’re a receptionist transferring a call, you don’t have to talk long to sign off with style: “Have a lovely day, Sharon! I’ll connect you to Jonathan’s line now.”

With these ten phone answering tricks up your sleeve, you’ll be sure to sound like a pro. You’ll be making great first impressions and setting a great example for your business in no time flat!

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Virtual Office Solutions_ What Does This Mean?

One may ask “what are virtual office solutions”? “Is it good for my business”? “Is it a practical approach”? Well, this article explains the advantages of this technological method and answers as well the questions presented above.

Brazil Businesspeople working on beach Photographer: Hans Neleman/Getty Images

In the advent of today’s latest and fast-paced technology, the conventional business trends have also been greatly affected. Distance is no longer an issue because most, if not all, of the jobs and business communications can be easily carried out and delivered as a matter of seconds, even before its proposed deadline. Though many still clanged on the conventional type of processing, majority has already evolved and embraced the grace of today’s technology to the benefit of their businesses which has the objective of gaining more profit vis a vis their business costs. The usual business procedure has been dramatically changed; a change that has an incredible effect as to its efficiency and proficiency as well. Nowadays, one can conduct his office works, meetings and even business convention in one’s preferred place without jeopardizing its effectiveness and compensating its business output. All of these descriptions and more are all wrapped up in three words: Virtual Office Solutions.

Virtual Office Solutions offers huge variety of business services to cater client’s needs, one of which is cost effectiveness. To illustrate, the existence of the virtual offices gradually eliminates the monthly rental of expensive business offices and such elimination obviously redounds to the benefit of the company. Office rentals now are but a thing of the past, albeit still in existence, but the least practical way of managing one’s office. You can now also work in the comfort of the space of your choice, which means that you can and will distinctly take down transportation cost. With gasoline costs never stop rising and still rising, a virtual office is but the most practical and profitable method of doing business and you won’t have to actually go through the gas station all the time to fill up your own gas tank and spend money getting to and from work all the time, and now this is just a small part of the cost savings you will be able to avail of. Reduce the time you have to work and maximize it as much as you can, this is the best benefit when it comes to time versus performance, and realizing just how bankable you can be.

In summation therefore, Virtual Office Solutions are but methods of today’s trend of doing business in relation to the application of the latest technology for its advantage. Good and fast service literally translates to faster and higher business inputs and this is what the business is all about. Of course we cannot discredit its ancestral origin, but business is all about evolution if progress is one of the company’s objectives.

The utilization of today’s more technological-based business trend is not prejudicial, indeed, beneficial. Its existence is not to totally overturn the way business is made; not to indiscriminately brush aside its basic theories and principle. It exists because it has the intention of improving its manner. It exists because it provides more practical way of dealing with its client. It exists because it provides unseemingly great assistance and opportunities to make one’s business expand more and spend less.

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Why a Communication Plan is Key

Communication With Your Virtual Assistant is Essential
Having a good “communication” plan in place with your Virtual Assistant is an important step in creating your working relationship. When both parties know how the communications will flow there is a sense of comfort in the relationship. This does not mean that you have to completely stay with the plan you develop. As business grows and changes you may find the need to adjust your communication plan to better suit the current needs of both you and the client.
Some examples of communication plans that I have used are below:
The virtual assistant and client communicate by regular email and a one-hour telephone call each week to discuss current and future tasks. This type of communication plan works well with the client that you are working closely with on multiple projects. It provides both parties with a personal connection and allows for easy discussion rather than interpreting details from within an email. This weekly call is invaluable in the relationship with clients and I know they appreciate it also.

Another type of communication plan includes regular emails and bi-weekly or monthly one hour telephone calls. When working with a client on specific self-directed tasks such as article bank submissions, it may be easier to talk by telephone less often, but to keep communications open through email more frequently.

You and your client may also choose to check in by phone more or less frequently that the two plans I have mentioned above. The need for live voice communications (telephone or otherwise) is purposeful. It adds strength and builds trust in your relationship, which we all know is very important in growing and expanding your business. Each client’s needs and business are unique and require an individualized communication plan that meets both the needs of the Virtual Assistant and of the client.

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Hire A Virtual Assistant Today To Help You Boost Your Direct Sales Business Online

You are working hard to grow your direct sales or network marketing business by actively selling the products and, or looking for others to join you in your business. You’ve been to every vendor fair. You’ve made customers of all your friends, family, neighbors and associates. You’ve done mailings and advertisements. You’ve networked at local business events. Now what?

Hire a Virtual Assistant and reach a whole new market – ONLINE!

direct salesIf you think that direct sellers or network marketers need to see their customers face to face or be close geographically – you’re so very wrong. There is a whole new market waiting to find your business, see what you have to offer, purchase from you, become your customer for life or start their own business with you. It is crucial that you consider the online community a very real and very large market for your business.

Not sure how to find and reach these folks? Your Virtual Assistant knows how!

Virtual Assistants (VAs) are independent entrepreneurs who handle administrative and online marketing tasks for small business owners. They are a vital resource in expanding your direct sales business to include an online presence and reach the online market. Many other small online business owners have discovered the benefits of hiring a VA but many consultants within the direct sales and network marketing industry have yet to learn the true value of out sourcing or may never even heard of a Virtual Assistant.

When marketing online the first thing you need is a website. Your Direct Sales company may provide one for you – that’s great. But what is even better is utilizing a VA to create your very own website, which you can link to your Direct Sales company site. By doing this, your VA can then optimize it to have a high search engine ranking so when someone search for “your products” or the company you’re with – they find YOU.

Your Virtual Assistant can also set up a form on your website to capture visitors’ contact information. With this information, your VA can send monthly or weekly eNewsletters to your prospects and customers so they are consistently reminded of you and your products. This is much cheaper and less time consuming than direct mailings.

Additionally, your website can have a form for interested prospects to ask you questions, request a catalog or business information. And guess what else – your Virtual Assistant can answer your e-mails and mail out the catalogs or information packages for you.

There is an unlimited number of ways a VA can help you create an online presence. She can guide you to online networking forums. She can write and/or submit articles on your behalf to increase your online presence and help you to gain recognition as the person to go to for your company’s products.

What’s more – a VA can handle your administrative things that are unrelated to the online world. A VA can take care of your book keeping and accounting. A VA can provide customer service to your clients. A VA can prepare training and motivational materials for your team members. A VA can manage your customer and or prospect database. A VA can prepare your business cards and brochures. And the list goes on… and on… and on.

Hiring a VA means that you can focus more on the business building activities that you enjoy or excel in. This in turn will increase your income and your sponsoring results. Doesn’t it make sense to contact a Virtual Assistant today?

Helping A Virtual Assistant Achieves Their Goal

Some entrepreneurs who like to do things that they want to do but have a hard time doing it because there are a lot of pending tasks that they need to attend to need to have a virtual assistant for him/her to be assisted on these mundane tasks. But, how can you help her in order for her to help you?

Achieve gOALThe number one thing that you should do is to know if you really need a virtual assistant. You should have a list on the things you don’t want to do or the things a virtual assistant will do for you. Second, you must be clear with your instructions to your virtual assistant. It is quite hard to say the instructions because you are not seeing him/her personally. You will just be communicating through e-mail, chat, videoconferencing, Skype and other related forms of communication.

Virtual assistants like inbound call centre representatives are not seen personally or face- to- face, as mentioned. Therefore, it is good to know a little background of your virtual assistant so that you will know that he/she can be trusted or he/she is capable of the job you want her to do. Furthermore, there must be a consistency on the task you want him/her to do.

You must also know how to delegate the tasks you want him/her to do so that there will a smooth transaction between the two of you. You can arrange the tasks in bullet form.

Then, have an open communication line with your VA. It is best that you should have an open communication line in order to have a smooth transaction with your VA and in order to have some issues (if ever there are) resolved immediately.
The best through these advices, you can sure have a good relationship with your virtual assistant. Having a good relationship with a virtual assistant is very helpful to make your business flourish and grow.

Get Your Business Moving- Hire A Virtual Assistant!

Virtual Assistants are executive professionals who support the administrative tasks of your business without being physically present at your office premises. Using communication channels like Internet, telephone, fax and email, virtual assistants offer you their services to support your business processes.
No matter what you want to get done, there will be a virtual assistant with skills tailored for that job.

Here are some factors how hiring virtual assistants will help move your business to the next level:

Experience = Expertise
Professional virtual assistants have substantial experience in the industry and are experts in their work area. Working with them can teach you a whole lot of things you never knew before. Thus, their experience translates into your expertise in the industry!

Business Sense
Because of their experience in the virtual assistant services industry, they have sound business sense and know what works and what doesn’t. They are valuable knowledge banks you can make use of to boost your business. They can help you in areas like Marketing, Branding, Web Design and e-Commerce.

Virtual assistants bring about a sense of organization in your business. They help sort out all the mess resulting from pending emails, follow up mails, distribution of newsletters and so on. You can get them to enter all the details of your clients in your database and keep it updated. If you have an up to date and efficient database, email campaigns will be a cakewalk.

Get in More Projects
If you have a virtual assistant by your side, you will be able to take in project that you were earlier unable to because of lack of skills. The VA can put in skills that you lack and you can make business by undertaking the project.
Also all those projects that are on waiting lists can see the light of day because the VA will take all undue workloads from you.

Not a Date Missed
You wouldn’t have to worry about missing a deadline or forgetting an important dates, meetings and anniversaries even. Your personal virtual assistant will keep a note of all the important dates and tasks and remind you accordingly.

Internet Research
Your virtual assistant can also take care of critical business process like Internet market research and gather valuable information about industry scenarios and target audiences.
This can help you design your marketing and promotion strategies so as to gather maximum benefits.

Not a Call Missed
The virtual assistant can also be directed to take any important calls that you get in case you are unavailable. This means you will never disappoint any client or never miss a business opportunity even if you are stuck up in a traffic jam or your cell phone is out of range. The client will be happy to have received a personalized response and you can be assured that messages will be passed on to you when you get back.

There is no dearth of ways virtual assistants can help you in. it resides on you how you make good use of the services and get your business moving up the ladder.

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Confidentiality Between You And Your Virtual Assistant

Confidentiality has a big relevance to small business owners in this inconstant technological society. Everyday, many secrets are revealed, online to off, through harmful content and carelessness. Trust and confidentiality became major issues in outsourcing work of any kind.

TrustI have repeatedly heard the questions, “How can I know that you are not going to sell the information that I am giving you to someone else?”, and, “How can I know that you will be cautious about protecting my information from being exploited?” These are valid kinds of questions which should be inquired of any assistant, whether they’re in or out of your office.

Virtual Assistants are owners of small businesses who worked hard to take their businesses off the ground. They have had spend many hours researching their industry, making a website, logos, and marketing just as the one that you have. It could be months perhaps years before their businesses will start thriving, and they’ve invested a lot to get that result. It is not just a job for them but it is also their passion, their life, and livelihood. No thinking owner of a business will endanger their work over an issue as relevant to the customer as confidentiality. If a Virtual Assistant is careless about confidentiality, they might get a warning or lose their work. And, they lose much more because they are dependent on their reputation to make safe additional work, there are no rules which say you can’t tell an individual exactly why you have terminated them.

Information should be protected from unintentional loss, as well as from being careless and threats from the outside. A virus in the computer is expensive to the Virtual Assistant and client but the VA has the most lose. They will lose time, they may also have to spend more money for repairs, and if important information is lost, they should make compensation to the client. Anti-virus and etc. are essential components on the computer of any VA. A firewall, security passwords and encryption software are the basic elements that a VA installs and uses.

Printing information is just as susceptible as the technological info. The simple safety measure of shredding and then destroying all sensitive documents when the job is done guarantees that the info is destroyed in a way that it can’t be reconstructed. Sensitive documents can be protected throughout the project, by storing them in a secured cabinet and the key is kept by the Virtual Assistant.

If you have concerns about confidentiality on hiring a virtual assistant, here are a few questions that you can ask them:

1. How do you make safe of the confidential information on your PC?

2. How do you make safe of the confidential documents that are printed?

3. What are you going to do with the confidential documents as the conclusion of a project?

4. What are your policies in regards to sharing information among clients?

5. What information you consider to be confidential?

The answers to these questions will produce you important information in regard to picking a diligent and cautious Virtual Assistant so that you can start to build a long term bond with an individual who is going to aid you throughout your business.

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Affordable Virtual Assistant Services With GetVirtualServices.Com

offshore Virtual assistantIn today’s world, it is crucial for businesses to function as profitable as possible. In today’s competitive market, every business owner want to spend a few extra hands to keep their business on these inserts, and now maximum entrepreneurs and leaders working with a virtual assistant services is the key solution. So hire virtual assistants, as no one is engaging your office space, and still the work gets completed on time by a skilled professional who shares your business values.

Work overload, wanting to reduce overhead costs and the necessity of working hours? So relax, time to forget all your worries and start unlocking your business potential by hiring a virtual assistant and virtual assistant services to manage daily activities.

With the boom in offshore outsourcing and virtual assistants popularity, more and more people are creating a VA for businesses on the World Wide Web. So if you are an entrepreneur or just the owner of a small operation, you should hire virtual assistants which provides virtual assistant services to grow your business.

Virtual Assistant is a professional who specializes in providing administrative support and expertise. VA is one person trained and qualified, who is well at home or office. We can say virtual assistant services are – to report to and to work in co-operation between small and large employers to provide necessary administrative support without even being physically present in office. When your customers succeed, you will also succeed! This is a win-win for everyone. One must hire virtual assistants which provides services at an affordable rate.

If you hire VA assistants for providing Virtual assistant services, there are few things which you should keep in mind are as follows:

1. Language: If you need to meet your VA makes phone calls, answering e-mails and talking with customers, you might as well choose which language speaks your market. If Spanish, French, or English, so make sure your VA should be fluent in that language.

2. Innovation: A VA will need to be creative. With the many pitfalls that can come, you need someone who can turn a defeat into triumph miracle of your own business.

3. Time management: Hire virtual assistants who meets the deadline and have better management of time. You cannot afford to be buried and forgotten things, so test them for time management.

4. Techie: Hire virtual assistants who are well-organized and must know management system, web, social media, and the back-end data entry.

5. Maintain Confidentiality: A VA must agree with the terms, which defines the confidentiality. This may be important because you do not want confidential information may be used for unintended purposes.

Hiring VA can offer you variety of advantages and benefits for virtual assistant services:

Cut Overhead: A team of receptionists come with several in-house expenses. Hire VA eliminates investing in wages, sick leave, vacation pay. Moreover, reception hours are limited, while a virtual assistant service is available 24 hours a day. When you hire virtual assistants, you pay only when used.

Increase Reachability: A VA is available 24/7 to answer all calls. A VA has direct training and knowledge to answer questions from customers, leads capture, manage orders effectively when you are away.

Save Time, Money, and Effort: When you run a business, nothing is more valuable than your time. The VA services eliminate the time spent checking voice mail and returning calls. Virtual assistant services also provide responses to general business information and classify urgent appeal so that priorities are properly handled at an accepted price.

Provide Better Customer Service: With a number of live receptionists line, call waiting time is less, which makes your business more well-rounded.

Improve Company Image: Virtual assistant services gives the impression of executive suites. A virtual receptionist greet callers with your company’s name and the custom script to direct your call. Callers think the higher your business by going to a live person instead of answering a phone or office.

An All in One Solution: Hire virtual assistants that provides complete business support, so that you can have more time to focus on the direction of your business. A VA offering complete business support is essentially your invisible business partner, developing public relations, marketing campaigns, strategies and manage your daily activities.

Increased Productivity: As the partners behind the scenes, VA is available to ensure your company operates smoothly. Hire virtual assistants which perform tasks efficiently, so that you can run your business prosperous and productive.

Virtual assistant services helps you to manage your projects in a better way. Hire virtual assistants from India at an affordable rate, so that offshore virtual assistant services can become a helping hand for your businesses. Hire virtual assistants that can take your trivial task, and help to focus more on developing your business and also increase your profits and reputation.

Offshore virtual assistant services are best described as efficient, making their way into the business more visible, commercial, and above all, profitable. Hiring a VA will help reduce your business expenses, multiply your productivity while you enjoy quality time with your family and friends.

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Advantages Of Virtual Assistant Services

Advantages of virtual assistantIf you are a business owner and looking forward to expand your business around the globe, virtual assistance service is something that can help you best. With an exceptional growth opportunity, virtual assistant service helps you in business on lower cost.

Virtual assistant services have become popular because of less expensiveness than an office based tech support service provider. You pay your office secretary as a fulltime employee while you don’t need to do the same with your virtual assistant service provider. This is the only effective approach for growing the business.

Normally, virtual assistant services are available on per hour rate; hence, you don’t need to pay a lot of amount to your VA service provider. Your VA will be working limited hours for you; thus, you will have to pay much lower amount than you used to. Apart from this, your VA also stops you from spending more amounts by reducing the costs applied on medical re-imbursement and other employee benefits, as online personal assistance service is provided on contractual basis generally. Unlike personal secretary, you can contact your VA at any time in the day and also, your VA can provide you the services across the globe, as the services provided by them are online.

A VA handles number of tasks. They not only fix-up your appointments or reply to your mails but also take care of all of your important tasks. A virtual supporter can book your flight tickets as well. A office based personal assistant may only be able to farm out your secretarial needs but a VA can perform numerous tasks; such as travel management, email management, maintaining of your diary, appointment scheduling and many more.
Getvirtualservices.com also offer expert business offerings, alike, blog promotion services, copy writing services etc.

Virtual assistant service is a need of time. This not only helps you in giving a complete edge to your business but also staying updated in the competitive era. This is the reason, it has become hot choice for every growth seeking entrepreneur. The assistance is very much useful to different virtual groups regardless of geography. Location is never been a hindrance and matter to this kind of service, as long as the internet connection is available and other web related tools. Moreover, what are essential are the two bodies that keep this going, the client and the virtual assistants. The service itself will not be available without the existence of both.

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